Rio Dulce and Christmas in Flores

Rio Dulce
After a 5 hour shuttle ride Marie-Eve, Gina and I arrived in Rio Dulce. Gina was staying at Utopia with us and decided to join Marie-Eve and I to Rio Dulce instead of going to Livingston! I wasn’t a huge fan of Rio Dulce. There wasn’t much to do and not a lot of scenery even though we were staying on the river. Granted, we did just spend one week in a magnificent jungle so the expectations were set pretty high. There were two highlights of my stay in Rio though – (1) Seeing the Aramburu family! This is the most amazing family I have ever met. Jorge is from Uruguay, Judith from England, with two kids Mateo of 14 and Emma of 8. Jorge used to be a photographer for the U.N. and took his whole family with him when he had long-terms projects all over the world. The kids are so well-rounded and the family so, so loving. They were traveling with their dog Zidane too! We had met them in Semuc as well but really spent time with them in Rio. Great family. (2) The sunrise kayak tour! The first morning we were supposed to do this I accidentally set my alarm for 5:00 p.m. instead of 5:00 a.m.! We were lucky the next day though, it stopped raining and we made it on time for the tour. The tour was really cool, but not one of the best that I have been on. We saw howler monkeys and a boa constrictor! The boa constrictor was dead though – I watched it be macheted to death after eating a locals chicken! That pretty much summed up my time in Rio Dulce. Next stop, Flores!

We spent 4 nights in Flores at Los Amigos hostel. What an amazing time! The place was lovely, the people so friendly – i met a lot of new people there, new friends!




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